@It disappears from the ANCHOR taking advantage of a certain
@event @hough first [PoneBraver] in the ANCHOR.
@It cooperates in man who attempts a crime for Buddy of the ideal.
@It deposits calmly, and man's behavior is always observed.
@The h [PoneBraver] machine. The second model.
@The waist is low, and the tone is polite at any time when.
@Buddy's sarcasm and sarcasm to the other party are followed
@and it turns.
@The seventh [PoneBraver] machine. The latest model.
@It tries to bring up Keita to an independent agent by
@a logical thinking and a leader tone.

Other main characters
@ԓ PC^
@Keita Amishima

The first grade of high-school. Agent's alone Buddy of Phone Braver 07. It is rolled in the reckless driving of the heavy equipment robot, and it knows Phone Braver and the under anchor's existence.
It was connected by friendship, and only destruction saw through and conciliated the loneliness of the digit Zero-1 with seven by the prompt answer, "7 from the world" the conciliation of seven in addition.

@ˌ M
@Daiki Kirihara
Agent's alone Buddy of Phone Braver 03. 29 years old. A provocative attitude is managed, and a severe character with not only surroundings but also us.
Work is a person who should perfectly say under anchor's ace.
The Internet society is disliked by the reason "The fellow who doesn't understand the face cannot trust it", and man who misuses the Internet is hated.

@Chigusa Mimasaka
Director of under anchor Special Investigation Division. Buddy of Phone Braver02.
It acts always calmly and calmly, and it is trusted from the superior and the subordinate.
It is not a natural man of strict morals though it is shrewdness that bundles agents with strong individuality, and the humour has not been forgotten.

@ K
@Kouhei Mito
It retires from the director of Special Investigation Division, and the director of the development department is tried.
It is called, "Goinkyo" from the development department member.
One of related oldest joining members from under anchor foundation.

@Ԗ l
@Kurando Magira
The only person who knows danger of Phone Braver. 30 years old.
It is thought that it becomes "Parallel, decentralized link" of Phone Braver and human race's threats, and is active behind the scenes.
Under anchor who is a person obstructive because Phone Braver of the mass production type "Gene" is produced, and "Internet societies completely united" is built tries to be annihilated.